Aaron Burton

Aaron Burton has a decade of experience with treating mental health issues, he is not currently licensed as a mental health therapist. The advice give on this podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or treat a mental illness

Geek, Empath

Katie Burton

Katie is a Patient Care Advocate with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. It was during her year long internship at the county jail that made her realize that she did not want to be a therapist.

Geek, Master

Jocelyn Christensen

Jocelyn Christensen is a full time registered nurse who still cares about people after 16 years. When not busy being a nurse or mother she reads Daredevil comics and is obsessed with Geek culture.  On twitter: @jocechris

Geek, Healer

0055- Guardians of the Galaxy Psych Eval

After the last few episodes of Geek Therapist addressing heavy issues, it’s time again for a lighter episode! Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn return to discuss Marvel’s group of A-holes and what motivates their actions on the big screen. So get your Awesome Mix...

0054 – Empathy

Jocelyn is back! Welcome to the newest episode of Geek Therapist, just in time for your Thanksgiving family fights! Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn cover what empathy is, how to build it and how to use it to start the post-election healing process. Brew some coffee, find...

0053- Psychology of Hate

Welcome to the first Geek Therapist in Trump’s America. Aaron and Katie welcome Dr. Sarah Hanisko from the Geek Parenting Podcast to discuss the psychology of hate. We discuss the power anger and hate can have on our lives and also speak about the neurological...

0052- Exploiting Mental Illness For Ratings

Did you survive the 2016 election? Whatever the answer, Geek Therapist returns to discuss how reality television has turned mental illness into a ratings side show. Aaron and Katie are joined by the Left Show’s award winning comedian, Melissa Merlot, for this...

0051- High Functioning Depression

Geek Therapist returns with a listener inspired topic of High Functioning Depression. After recording the entire episode through a webcam mic, your intrepid hosts attempt to capture the magic again by actually using the right podcasting equipment! Aaron, Katie and...

0050- Mars Space Dementia!

Geek Therapist returns for its 50th episode! Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn discuss the reality of relationships and how they need constant maintenance. They then launch into the psychological hurdles with NASA’s proposed Mission to Mars. So grab some booster fuel and...

0049- Trump Induced Anxiety

Geek Therapist tackles the 2016 Presidential Election. Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn discuss the increase in “Trump Induced Anxiety” and how it has been affecting people’s mental health. We follow up with a little bit of coping skills to try and help you...

0048- Drunken Discussion of Hoarding

For better or for worse, Geek Therapist is back with a drunken discussion of hoarding. Aaron, Katie, and Jocelyn stumble their way through the criteria of the disorder before finishing up with some ways to help a person who struggles with hoarding....

0047- Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 recap

Mostly recovered from the 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con, Geek Therapist returns with their recap of the 3 day event. Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn talk about the panels they were on, the events they attended and their interactions with people....

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