Aaron Burton

Aaron Burton has a decade of experience with treating mental health issues, he is not currently licensed as a mental health therapist. The advice give on this podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or treat a mental illness

Geek, Empath

Katie Burton

Katie is a Patient Care Advocate with a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. It was during her year long internship at the county jail that made her realize that she did not want to be a therapist.

Geek, Master

Jocelyn Christensen

Jocelyn Christensen is a full time registered nurse who still cares about people after 16 years. When not busy being a nurse or mother she reads Daredevil comics and is obsessed with Geek culture.  On twitter: @jocechris

Geek, Healer

0065- Wantonly Lustful Disney Princess

Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn are back to over analyze Disney Princesses and the impact these stories have on the perceptions of young girls and women. So if you want that and additionally analysis of positive body imagery, sexual education and gender identification, then grab a cup of coffee and download this episode of Geek Therapist!

0064- Aliens vs. The Homeless

Geek Therapist is back with a vengeance. Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn attack the homeless shelter debate in Salt Lake County in the first half before we take a look at Ellen Ripley in the Alien saga! So download this episode and be prepared for a heated rant and...

0063- FanX and Geek Speed Dating 2017 Debriefing

Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn are back with another Geek Therapist Episode. They cover the recent FanX 2017 Con and the panels and events they experienced. So get your tap pass ready and download the most recent Geek Therapist! 0063 Geek Therapist Podcast Also available on...


Katie and Jocelyn take on the onslaught of fake news, how it impacts our mental health and how we can lose the static and focus on the information … and Aaron was there, too. Probably.

0061- Jocelyn’s Back!

The full Geek Therapist crew is back! Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn discuss being a witness to crimes, death and a listener question as they get back into the swing of things. This episode is irreverent, sad and hilarious, so be prepared for this unusually profane NSFW...

060- E-Counseling

We’re mostly back! Aaron and Katie take the reigns and let Jocelyn have a much needed break before returning to Geek Therapist, but we’re joined by Joe Gorton from E-Counseling Solutions. We talk in greater detail about the newly emerging field of...

Death in the Geek Therapist Family

Aaron here. By now, what I am about to say will not be news to many of you. Tragedy hit the Geek Therapist and Defensetrate Media family last weekend when Jocelyn lost her amazing wife, Kaya, to an unexpected heart attack at the age of 39. While Kaya never spoke on...

0059- Placebo, Nocebo, Yescebo

The Geek Therapist team of Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn are back! We start this episode off with an extended look at why it is necessary to conserve energy and spend it wisely for the incoming administration. We then talk about the placebo and nocebo effects and how they...

0058- Death to 2016

This question may be asked for months to come, but was it a good idea for the hosts of Geek Therapist to record on New Year’s Eve while intoxicated? You’ll have to download and hear for yourself. Aaron, Katie and Jocelyn attempt to string together...

Death by Cliché, On Sale December 17th and 18th!

Hello, all! I’m pleased to announce that Death by Cliché, by Bob Defendi (me) is on sale this weekend (December 17th and 18th) for 99 cents. 99 cents! You can’t even get a cup of coffee for 99 cents. A crappy cup of coffee. This book is better than a...

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