Aaron here.

By now, what I am about to say will not be news to many of you. Tragedy hit the Geek Therapist and Defensetrate Media family last weekend when Jocelyn lost her amazing wife, Kaya, to an unexpected heart attack at the age of 39. While Kaya never spoke on our show, she was an avid listener to not just our podcast, but many in the Utah Podcasting Community.

Kaya was the driving force to convince Jocelyn to the join the Geek Therapist podcast. She loved hearing Jocelyn’s voice and kept me apprised of how proud she was of her wife.

Long before this, Kaya and Jocelyn were fans of the The LEFT Show, Geek Show Podcast and the Hello, Sweetie! Podcast. They attended many of their events and befriended the amazing panelists on all of these shows. I bring this up now, because individual members of these shows donated money and helped raise money for Kaya’s memorial.

As for this podcast, we’ll be back on February 8th, 2017. Jocelyn will not be back that episode but she wants to return for the following episode.

Thank you for your time, your loyalty and your friendship.

Please make regular appointments with your doctors, people. So many health concerns can be treated before they become fatal. We don’t want to go through this loss again if it can be avoided.