Two years ago, GHR interviewed Joe Peacock after the dust began to settle from the first major attack of the “Fake Geek Girl” war. In a moment of geek passion, Joe had inadvertently been the rallying cry for misogynistic attacks against women in the Con scene when he tried to call out what he believed to be the exploitation of his beloved fandom. At the time, it became the 2nd most viewed article on CNN behind the Death of Bin Laden. The title of the article was Booth Babes Need Not Apply.

In the two years since this interview, Mr. Peacock has re-evaluated his own anger and what drove him to write what he did. He has become more accepting and has tried to take a less vitriolic approach to his writing and his speech. We will in the future feature a new and updated interview with him when schedules permit. Welcome to Old School Geekhead Radio.

GHR #48 PODCAST – Best Of Geekhead 

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